Many of our meetings feature a particular topic. Handouts may be prepared, shared on screen and emailed to members on request. A few have featured special speakers (other topics were presented by Linda). In addition, many meetings have been recorded and videos were uploaded to U-Tube for viewing at leisure. This section of the site is being updated regularly. When available, the data is/will be presented on its own page. Check the Navigation List on this site to choose the page you wish to view. And feel free to follow the U-Tube link shown below.

Date of Meeting Topic Video Link
9-16-20 author: Frank Zafiro (Scalise)
2-17-21 author: Tom Sullivant
3-17-21 author: Kelly Milner Halls
10-20-21 Lets Talk About Book Covers
11-17-21 Let’s Talk About Websites
12-15-21 INWG Quick Read
1-19-22 Authors Blogs & Podcasts
2-16-22 Let’s Talk Poetry
3-16-22 Let’s Talk Critiques & Beta Readers
4-20-22 Let’s Talk Scammers & Safety Protocols
5-18-22 Let’s Talk Editing
6-15-22 Let’s Talk Pantsing, Plotting & Emotive Writing
7-20-22 Let’s Talk Point of View
8-17-22 Let’s Talk Dialogue
9-21-22 Let’s Talk Research/Fact Checking
10-5-22 Local Authors Book Group #1 – Conway & Zafiro
10-19-22 Let’s Talk about Book Launching & Signings
11-2-22 Local Authors Book Group #2 – Chris Bieker
11-16-22 Let’s Talk about Marketing & Promotions
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