Book Club on Nov. 2nd

Our 2nd get-together for the Local Authors Book Group will feature local author Chris Bieker who will share the 2nd book in her Rex Begonia series – Blood on Bloomsday. The characters are a little tongue-in-cheek and this is a fun but also good mystery read. Hope you can join us on Wed Nov. 2nd at 2 pm. And don’t forget to ask for your 15% discount when purchasing your copy! For details, visit the event page on Auntie’s website:

It’s NaNoWriMo time

The annual National Novel Writing Month is November and that’s just around the literary corner, so if you plan to take the challenge (again) this year, visit their site at: Note: they are asking for donations to support their ongoing programs, including the Young Writers Program, so help them out if you would like to support the creative efforts of young people. More info is available on their site. But most of all – GET READY TO WRITE THOSE 50,000 WORDS!

Local Authors BG Update

We had a wonderful discussion at the inaugural zoom meeting for the new book group, focused on the works of local authors. Frank and Colin did a great job expanding on their book – The Ride-Along – and members enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions, make comments and join in the conversation.

Watch for news of the next book group meeting featuring Chris Bieker on Nov. 2nd. Details will follow!