(LAST UPDATE: 1-12-23)

This is a list of identified websites for our members (and friends). Every effort has been made to search for websites as authors are encountered. Please let me know if your website is missing by writing to me at lindathewriter@gmail.com. I’d love to make sure you are included!

(listing is alpha by last name of author – many offer a blog/newsletter; look for those on their site; podcasts are listed on the Podcasts page)

James Beaty: https://www.jtbeaty-author.com/

Chris Bieker: https://authorbieker.com/

Asa Marie Bradley: https://www.asamariabradley.com/

Beth Camp: https://bethandwriting.blogspot.com/

Candess M. Campbell : http://www.candesscampbell.com (link switches to: Empowering Your Entuitive Self: https://energymedicinedna.com/

Colin Conway: https://colinconway.com/

Sue Eller: https://emilytracemysteries.com/

Tabitha Gregory: https://valdezrises.com/

Beverly Lionberger Hodgins: https://beverlylionbergerhodgins.com/

Joan M. Kop: www.JOANMKOP.com

Stephen Lalonde: https://ouranianpublishing.com/

Dave McChesney:  www.stoneislandseastories.com and https://vespican.livejournal.com/

Patricia Meredith: https://patricia-meredith.com/ Patricia and her husband are moving to Colorado Springs, but she will continue to support her Spokane history series and keep her site active.

Cathay O. Reta: https://www.cathayreta.com/

Kerry Schafer (Kerry Anne King) https://allthingskerry.com/ & https://www.fantasticfiction.com/s/kerry-schafer/

Sharma Shields: http://www.sharmashields.com/

Denise Spain: https://www.denisespainwriting.com/ Denise’s books appear to be kindle versions only. Let me know if you see printed versions available anywhere. Thanks!

Herbert Wiens: https://herbwiens.wordpress.com – our new friend from the Sandpoint Writers on the Lake!

Khaliela Wright: https://khalielawright.com/ – our new friend from Palouse Writers!

Frank Zafiro (Scalise): http://www.frankzafiro.com/

Author’s without websites… see Amazon for their profiles.

  • Aurora Dawning (not found – sorry)
  • Bill Link
  • Sandra Mason
  • Jerry Schellhammer

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    1. Thanks for getting in touch! I will get on this soon… the meeting is tonight and I still have much to do to get ready, so give me a day or so… And again, thanks!


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