Notices on this page are intended to help writers identify/engage with others who are able to offer services (such as editors), group opportunities (such as critique groups), and others. Items here may be removed if the interested party no longer requires the posting. They are grouped in two sections: 1) Freelancers Offering Services and 2) Writers Seeking Assistance.

Whether you’re seeking or offering, send me your info and I’ll get it up here! Email me at

Writers Seeking Assistance

Looking for Critique Partner: local writer Carol A would like to begin a “trade” critique partnership with another writer who is working on Historical Non-Fiction. If you’re interested or know of someone who might want to trade critique pages with her, please contact Carol at: Thanks!

Looking for Critique Group: member RaNae S is looking for a critique group. She is in the Spokane area, writes short stories and has not published. She would like help with editing and a “constructive critique.” If you’ve got a spot to share, you can reach her at: to see if you and she would be a good fit. Thanks, gang!

Freelancers Offering Services

Editor/Author David Abrams

My assistant and I are currently seeking new clients for our manuscript editing services through GrubStreet Writers. If you’re in need of someone to help get your story, essay, or full-length book ready for submission to an agent or publisher, drop us a line!

As your writing coach and editor, I will give you the tools to help you pare down your sentences to just the right length and rhythm. I will show you how to take a step back from the pages and look at the overall narrative and how each of its pieces fit into the bigger picture: we’ll cut what is weak and flabby, and we’ll dissect and rearrange the remaining parts—all with the goal of making your creative work the strongest it can be.

What I bring to the table: publication of two novels and numerous short stories and essays, more than 30 years of professional editing at newspapers and magazines, and experience leading several writing workshops. Though I read widely across all genres, I’m particularly drawn to literary fiction, mystery, memoir, Young Adult, narrative non-fiction, history, and biography.

My rates are reasonable ($90/hour) and my schedule is open. If you’re interested in learning more about manuscript consultation, contact me (david.abrams at Gmail) and we’ll talk about how to make your words as enticing as kittens.

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