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Khaliela Wright: “I just launched my debut novel, Klara’s Journey, on Kickstarter! On the Kickstarter website you’ll find:

The trailer is absolutely amazing. You definitely don’t want to miss it! You’ll even get a peek at the initial inspiration for the novel. I also shared the first editorial review . . . and it’s good. Really, really good!

On Kickstarter people can pre-order both ebooks & paperbacks. Books will be shipped the last week of May. As a bonus, all paperbacks will be autographed before they’re shipped.

 View on Kickstarter!

Herbert Wiens: “I released both They Have Conquered Part One and They Have Conquered Part Two in 2022. They are about an extended family of Mennonites living in what is modern day Ukraine. Book one starts in 1894 Imperial Russia and ends in early 1922 post revolutionary Soviet Union. Book two picks spans 1922 through 1966 and follows the main characters in North America and those left behind. I call them historical fiction even though every character whose complete name was used, every battle, place and event are historically accurate. Sample chapters and sales links are on my website “

Out Now: Frank Zafiro’s Dead Even in audio – for details, visit:

Released: Oct 25 2022Hallmarks of the Job is a novella featuring meticulous private investigator, Stanley Melvin. For more information:

Released: Oct 31 2022 – Frank Zafiro has a short story in this anthology, titled “Hazy Shade of Winter” – For details:

Due for release in January 2023 – watch for this one! Details: