This is your opportunity to interact with other writers in INWG. If you wish to receive/allow comments on a particular topic, email that topic to me ( and I will add it here where people are free to comment.

If you wish to leave a comment/question for a specific individual, be sure to start your comment with the name of that individual. For example: Linda BondI like the idea you mention about the difference between movies and books. I feel… Johnny Brown. That way, if there are multiple comments here, you can make sure the person you wish to reach sees your comment.

Whenever you post a comment (of your own or in response to another), be sure to add your name at the end. For example: Johnny BrownThanks!Linda Bond

We’ll try this system and see if it works. Hey, folks…. I’m working with site limitations here!

TOPIC: What do you believe to be the greatest benefit you have experienced by self-publishing your novel(s)? (entered by Linda Bond)

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