I want to list authors under the genre(s) you might be seeking, so I will be doing that soon. If you wish to be listed in this section, send me an email and tell me what kind(s) of books you write so I can add you to the lists. For a website listing, check out the page titled Authors Websites.

2 thoughts on “Authors by Genre

    1. Hi, Carol! This site is so new that not many people are likely to see your comment here. That being said, I would like to share your request on the Want Ads page and to include it in the upcoming newsletter I will send out via email accounts for the Guild members. If you would like to share an email address with me so I can have them contact you, please get in touch with me at lindathewriter@gmail.com. Would love to help! Also, let me know if you are interested in coming to an upcoming zoom meeting. If so, I will make sure I have you on the email list for that link. We will meet next on Jan. 18th for a Quick Read session. Love to hear from you! Linda


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